Thursday, August 4

the WORLD is yours!

nowadays, media has made a very special place for itself in our lives....

in other words, media has become as important as food & clothing!!

but... do u AGREE with this fact?

do u watch TV?

do u listen to the radio?

do u read magazines & newspapers?

do u ever used these kind of things in your daily life?

these are the various mediums of media which have made us be able
 to connect with large number of people around us ^_^

HOW ?? 

>> through media, we can connect with our family & friends... informs us about the world happenings <<

>> through media also, we got to know about the facts & relevant information...

However, in today's world.... the media has been categorized into two types...

NEW media & OLD media

the media like TV, radio, newspaper, magazine & so on ;
these are the old media or some people called it TRADITIONAL media (*_*)


what is NEW media??

people named it as e-media

have u ever heard about internet?

of course u do!

it is very popular nowadays!

that is so called e-media ^_^

new media has truly become the need of every individual
 both for work & to connect with our friends and well wishers 

rather than the old media

the new media has occupied such special place in our lives 
that if we are not a part of it, then there is something really important that we're missing.

smartphone & tablet also one of the most popular medium of new media...

NOW, u can connect to the internet anywhere anytime!
 just connect through your smartphone or tablet

u can online, connect with other people, chatting, checking emails, reading online news etc 
anywhere u go & anytime u like... GREAT! ^_^

This is a BIG CHANCE to US (KITA) !

what are WE waiting for?

let's accelerate our DnT works by using this kind of mediums

Don't let go this precious chance

let's get more mad'uu 
through Facebook, Twitter, Blogs. Tumblr etc 

Let's make OUR works faster

Let's spread ISLAM to all over the WORLD

the future of the world is in OUR hand !! >_<

"Kalian adalah umat terbaik yang dilahirkan bagi umat manusia, menyuruh kepada yang ma'ruf dan mencegah dari yang munkar dan beriman kepada Allah" (QS. Ali Imran: 110).

3 ramadhan 1432H
Ramadhan Kareem ! i'm just a lil da'ie..  ~_^


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